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Trading Cards

Collect our JeepHut Trading Cards and get some awesome discounts, prizes and promotions at shows we attend.


Each one of our trading cards features one of our sponsored Jeeps.  These Jeeps and their owners have built these Jeeps from stock with some great products offered by JeepHut.  Trading cards can be obtained by stopping in the store or at one of our shows.  One card is given per encounter and they are given as to what is available.  Another great way to get these cards is to spot one of these Jeeps and ask them for one.  Each Jeep has their own personal stash.  Don't be suprised though if they ask you a Jeep question or have ya do something fun to get the card as they only have so many.  We have had a lot of fun with the trading card promotion and we hope you do too.  New cards come out regularly and promotions are based on the show..

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