Lift Kits

Lift Options Explained:

• Poly Spacer Kits - Used for small lifts, these low cost lifts are designed for on road/light off road use only and incorporate the factory coil springs. With the addition of spacers, the ride of your Jeep® will be stiffer than original and provides very little articulation when off road. Bump stops (also called blocks) should always be a part of the kit as you will be using the factory springs. Without the bump stops your spring could over compress or in the case of 07-12 Wranglers, the spring could invert inside itself. These situations can cause a rebound rate that is too great causing a potential mishandling situation or damage your suspension. This method of lifting is the low cost/lower performance solution to lifting your Jeep® vehicle.

• Coil Lift Kits - Used for medium to large lifts, these lifts are designed for on road and moderate to severe off road use. Coil Spring kits provide the best way to give extra lift and still maintain OE ride characteristics. The 2”- 4” kits should offer new springs and extended bump stops as listed above as well as rear track bar bracket/ brace to ensure proper centering of the axle and a secure fit. On 4” kits, it is important have front sway bar disconnects. These important disconnects will provide much more articulation when using your Jeep® off road.

• Leaf Spring Kits - Used for all Jeep® CJ/Wrangler vehicles from 1955-1995, these heavy-duty lifts provide a fairly straightforward lift option. The key to any leaf spring lift is the leaf spring itself and prices will vary greatly depending on quality and features. Key “must-have” features that will provide the best ride include: 1.) Teflon inserts between each leaf. These inserts allow each leaf to move independently creating a better ride both on and off road. 2.) Leaf springs should be held together with roller clips and not cinch clips. This method of securing the leaf springs together is more expensive but dramatically improves the vehicles ride and off road performance. 3.) Make sure your leaf springs have built-in degree wedges to help with pinion angle issues. Plus by having a degree wedge already attached, installation of the kit will be easier and there are no extra parts to purchase.

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