Easy 3 Link Kit I Dual Bracket for Artec Truss Outside Frame Chevy / Ford 78-79 with DOM Artec Industries

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Our Easy 3-Link Kit I is the simplest way to get your links done. This kit is based off our most popular parts we've sold our customers for a 3-link with panhard bar. This kit is intended for axles without a front truss. If you have one of our 60 front trusses, choose Kit F. The heat and cryogenically treated chromoly rod ends are the strongest and longest lasting on the market.

The included tube adapters feature machined Wrench Flats for easy adjustments and tightening and conform to the outer diameter of the tubing it welds to. The included stainless steel high misalignment spacers allow for maximum articulation in the rod end. As an option, this kit offers four foot lengths of both 1.5 inch and 2.0 inch tubing to be cut to the exact length needed for your particular vehicle.

  • 1 RH, 1 LH - 7/8 inch -14tpi x 3/4 inch bore rod ends for panhard
  • 1 RH, 1 LH - 7/8 inch -14tpi Tube Adapters for panhard
  • 1 RH, 1 LH - 7/8 inch -14tpi Jam nuts for panhard
  • 4 - 3/4 inch-9/16 inch High Misalignment Spacers
  • 3 RH, 3 LH - 1.25 inch -12tpi x 1.0 inch bore rod ends
  • 3 RH, 3 LH - 1.25 inch -12tpi Tube Adapters
  • 3 RH, 3 LH - 1.25 inch -12tpi Jam nuts
  • 12 - 1.0 inch-3/4 inch High Misalignment Spacers
  • 1 - Pair Lower Link Axle Brackets (10 deg)
  • 1 - Single Truss Upper Link Mount (2.63 inch)
  • 1 - Dual 3 Link Bracket
  • 1 - Adjustable Panhard Frame Mount
  • 1 - Adjustable Panhard Truss Mount
  • 1 - 4 ft 1.5 inch OD .250 inch thick DOM tubing (optional)
  • 3 - 4 ft 2.0 inch OD .250 inch thick DOM tubing (optional)

Note: This kit will require drilling of lower link holes to 3/4 inch unless you specify you'd like 9/16 inch bolts for your lower links.

  • Easy 3 Link
  • Kit I
  • Dual Bracket for Artec Truss
  • Outside Frame
  • Chevy/Ford 78-79
  • DOM Tubing
  • Sold As: Kit
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