Peter's Overland Jeep Gladiator

Peter's Overland Jeep Gladiator

Jeeps can serve various duties depending on the owner's needs. In the case of Peter’s 2019 Gladiator Rubicon, those needs are for overlanding! When he purchased the Gladiator, it already had some terrific modifications, but needed a few more things to top it off.

The first new modifications involved lighting upgrades. We added a set of Baja Designs LP4 lights to the front bumper to really light up those dirt roads. Next, the KC scene lights on the bed rack to light up both sides and the back of the Jeep when camping. Finally, the last option was a set or Rigid Industries rock lights. These are terrific when you are wheeling at night for your spotter to keep your Jeep’s vital components out of danger.

Now even when you can see the danger coming sometimes you just cannot avoid them. SO, it was decided that the gladiator needed some additional protection via an Artec Industries aluminum skid plate system. This light-weight skid plate protects the Engine, trans, t-case and the gas tank. A set of Motobilt all steel differential covers protect the front and back differentials. While the Gladiator’s pick-up bed is terrific for camping and hauling, the rear quarter panel is much more susceptible to damage. A set of DV8 Offroad bedside rock sliders were bolted to the frame for protection.

The nature of overlanding requires self-sufficiency for days or weeks at a time. A multitude of accessories were required, the first of which was a Genesis Off Road Dual battery kit with a set of Fullriver batteries. This setup ensures that Peter’s Gladiator will always have enough electrical power. Whether you need to air up your tires, an air mattress, or air tools, an on-board air compressor comes in handy out in the woods. We decided to us an ARB twin compressor setup for its durability and output. We added a remote mount kit so that an air chuck can easily be hooked up without having to open the hood. A midland CB radio was added inside the vehicle keep in touch when out on the trail.

With over 8 additional electronic accessories a system was needed to control all these components. An s-POD Bantam X was chosen for its proven design. The lighting and compressor were all able to be run through this all-inclusive setup for a clean, reliable, and easily accessible system. Next on the list, a Goose Gear second row seat delete platform. This will allow for the use of a Dometic refrigerator on a slide out along with our accessories. Be sure to come back and check out the rest of the build!

12th Feb 2021

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