Jasper’s Jurassic Jeep Rolls Out

JeepHut Jurassic Jeep Build Progress Photos

     When JeepHut owner Mike Skibicki, learned that a fourth installment of the Jurassic Park films was being made, he decided to build a replica Jeep as a tribute to the movie series.

     The JeepHut owner said he always wanted to build the Jeep and with the nationwide release of the movie in mid June, it gave him an excuse to do it. The purpose of the build was to do something not only the kids would love but also would re-inspire their parents as well.

     JeepHut chose to recreate Jurassic Park Jeep # 18. While there were up to six Jeeps used in the Jurassic Park and Ingen Franchise, #18 played a significant role.

     JP 18 was the Jeep used to transport Dr. Alan Grant, Dr. Ellie Sattler and Dr. Ian Malcom from the helipad to the Jurassic Park compound in the original movie. This is the Jeep that followed park creator, John Hammond’s Jeep (JP29) in the beginning of the film and first revealed the dinosaurs on the island to the visiting scientists. JP18 makes a comeback 23 years later in Jurassic World when the remains of the forgotten Jurassic Park compound are found and protects Owen and Claire from the genetically created Indominus Rex.

     “Since this Jeep appeared in both movies over 20 years apart we felt that using this number would be significant in bridging the age gap between fans from the original movie and the new movie,” Skibicki said.

     The Jeep is a factory replica and everything on it is as accurate to the Jeeps used in the movie as possible. The original paint, lines and colors are all included and measured to exact measurements.

     “There are still some things we have to add,” Skibicki said since finding things like the old winch used is a rare find. “We will take our time on those small details to make sure we get them correct. Some things we did have to substitute for example the BFG All terrains we purchased do not say ‘Radial’ on the tire anymore but are the same tire.”

     The JeepHut Jurassic Park Jeep will attend shows all over the nation, but will also be involved in parades and benefits locally.

     “This Jeep was not really made for me, it was made for everyone to enjoy and I hope they do. It just happened to be right up my alley so we did it.”

     To find our more information or to request the Jeep for an event call: JeepHut (706) 692-5488

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9th Jul 2015

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