52 Inch Light Bridge Quake LED

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  • 52 Inch Light Bridge Quake LED
  • 52 Inch Light Bridge Quake LED
  • 52 Inch Light Bridge Quake LED
  • 52 Inch Light Bridge Quake LED
  • 52 Inch Light Bridge Quake LED
  • 52 Inch Light Bridge Quake LED
  • 52 Inch Light Bridge Quake LED
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Can't find the perfect LED light bar design? Want to shed more light on the sides of those rugged trails you travel? Then look no further than our new Light Bridge Series! Pick and choose from Quake LED's extensive line of light bars, work lights or pods to design and build that lighting combination you have always wanted.

Now you can mount a 22 inch light bar with cubes on either side or 15 3 inch cubes on a 52 inch light bridge. Add the side perches and you can install two more cubes! 17 cubes on a 52 inch light bar... insane, right?? And that's just the beginning.

If you choose our RGB accent pods or accent light bars and connect them using our Quad-Lock Pro control system, your light bridge will instantly have additional features like turn signals, courtesy lights and more! The combinations are nearly endless and totally in your control. We told you it was insane!


  • 52 Inch Light Bridge
  • Reinforced welded steel
  • Lots of mounting slots and holes
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Fir tree cable ties
  • Front dam design to hide wires
  • Waterproof, black powder coat finish
  • Sold As: Each
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